New Flavours for April Fools

So I know it’s early, but every year for April fools we give you a silly flavour that you all look at and believe for at least a second that we have made before realising it April Fools day. This year we thought we’d be a little different and actually make our April fools day flavours. 

So first up we removed the raspberry from our raspberry ripple and replaced it with everyone’s favourite Tommy K to bring you a vanilla and tomato ketchup ripple.

We then crisped up some delicious Isle of Man Creamery Cheese and added it to some of our delicious ice cream mix and made a burnt cheese ice cream, and it tastes exactly like them little crispy bits you have when the cheese escapes the sides of your toastie 😋

Both will be available all weekend (30th and 31st March) in our Parlour in Peel and trust me they taste much better than you think.

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