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Luxury Dairy Ice cream – How it’s made

As well as the experience and skill of the artisan maker, great ice cream begins with great ingredients

From the cream to the sugar and flavourings we use, all of our ingredients are specially selected by ourselves using the 20 + years’ experience we have in the ice cream industry. We have used exactly the same traditional recipe since we started producing ice cream in 1995 as this allows us to make sure we know exactly what is going into our products to give you, our customers, that piece of mind that what you’re eating is as good as we can make it. That’s why all our ice cream starts out as just the basic ingredients which we then take and lovingly blend together and pasteurise fully in our state of the art modern ice cream plant. 

All of our award-winning dairy ice cream, including our Gold medal winning whippy, starts its life in exactly the same way and all use the exact same base mix. By using 1 base mix we can guarantee that all of our ice cream has exactly the same smooth texture and creamy taste as each other with only the flavourings and inclusions being the differing factor. We use only the best fruit flavourings and finest vanillas in the production of our ice cream, and source all of our double cream and butter from local dairies right here on our glorious little Island.

2018 not only sees our 30th year in business here on the Isle of Man but also one of our biggest investments into reducing our carbon foot print. we have done this through installing new lights and freezer equipment but also by purchasing 2 new state of the art pieces of ice cream equipment. The new equipment is not only bigger in capacity to our old kit but also more environmentally friendly and more efficient in the way it operates, which in turn leads to the production of a lovely smooth finished product. 

But this is as much as we can tell you about how our delicious award winning ice cream is made because as with every ice cream producer the recipes and methods used to produce our ice cream is a company secret, and only known by 2 people within the whole company.


Chocolate – How it’s made

The sweet secrets to our chocolate products.

From 30 kilogram Easter eggs to chocolate pirate galleon ships, we have been hand making chocolate products on the Isle of Man now for 30 years. Our companies’ founder is a professional chocolatier by trade and trained with some of the best chocolatiers in the business in Belgium back in 1988. The skills he learnt were then brought back to the Island and the rest as we like to say is history.
All of the chocolate we use in the production of our sweet treats is sourced from what we believe to be one of the best chocolate refineries in the world, Barry Callebaut. Each year we import between 6 -10 tonnes of Callebaut chocolate in every flavour imaginable and combine these with yummy creamy fruit, vanilla, alcoholic and pure essence oil flavours in a combination of truffles and Belgian style chocolates.

We also make our own chocolatey take on our world famous 3 Legs of Man which are by far the most popular chocolate products we make, producing on average 200,000 a year in a mixture of white, milk and dark mint chocolate. We also have 100’s of different novelty moulds to suite all occasions from children’s parties to stag parties & corporate events to weddings, the list is endless. All our chocolate novelties are hand painted by our chocolate team and still made like our chocolates in the traditional way by hand and not through centrifugal spinning machines. This traditional method means that all our chocolate products are unique in thickness and look which we believe gives them more of a character than your massed produced machine painted/made chocolate novelties.
We export our chocolates to clients all over the world, whether it be for business, birthdays or just your own personal enjoyment and also have a large selection available at our Ice cream parlour in Peel for you to pop in and enjoy with a tea, coffee or that sneaky treat you’ve been promising yourself.


Dairy Free Ice Cream – How it’s made

Soya milk, Coconut Milk and Oat milk alongside our dairy free sorbet range

Coming from a sole Dairy ice cream background, full dairy free ice cream is something we have been experimenting with for a number of years now. Last year we launched our first ever dairy free ice cream in 3 different base choices, Soya milk, Coconut Milk and Oat milk alongside our dairy free sorbet range. The up take on this product has been great with it not only being suitable for consumers with dairy intolerances but also people who follow a vegan diet as there are no forms of animal products within it at all.

All of our dairy free ice cream goes through the exact same vigorous testing and production methods as our dairy ice cream, with each batch we make being fully pasteurised just to be safe, and only the best fruit and vanilla flavouring being blended in to give it a delicious texture and taste.
As we are still very new to this market we are constantly tweaking ingredients, recipes and flavours to make it as perfect as we can as we believe that all ice cream whether dairy, non-dairy, diabetic or sorbet should be consistently good and enjoyable to eat by everyone.

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